Introducing our new Venture Partner in Berlin, Jakob Schreyer

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3 min readOct 26, 2023

We are delighted to have been joined by ex-founder Jakob Schreyer as our newest Venture Partner. Jakob’s career has spanned several cities across Europe and North America, but in this new role, he’ll be focused on providing the expertise he’s gained from 10 years of operations in Germany to White Star Capital’s team and portfolio founders.

Jakob is joining a strong European-based team at White Star Capital, which includes in its General Partnership Eric Martineau-Fortin, Nicholas Stocks, Matthieu Lattes, Hemal Fraser-Rawal and Bryan McLoughlin. Jakob will also be working alongside Vargha Moayed, who joined the team last year, as a European Venture Partner.

From marketer to entrepreneur

Jakob started his career in Munich, Germany, before taking a leap across the Atlantic to New York, to work with Red Bull’s creative agency, Kastner & Partner.

Returning to Berlin in 2011, Jakob founded orderbird, one of the leading Point of Sales systems for the hospitality industry in Europe. He served as CEO for seven years, followed by three years as Chief Strategic Officer.

Under his leadership, the company experienced substantial growth and achieved a notable milestone in 2022 when it was acquired for over €140 million by NEXI, a payments giant in Italy. Jakob continues to contribute his insights and guidance as an advisor to the company’s new leadership.

Following this acquisition, Jakob joined the Zeitgeist Family Office in Berlin as an advisor and partner. Together, they are developing a physical platform to help foster entrepreneurship, co-investment, and collaboration in the city.

Next steps with White Star Capital

As part of his new role at Zeitgeist, Jakob was on the lookout for people and firms that shared his goal of supporting great entrepreneurs in Germany. Having met some of our team last year, Jakob found White Star Capital’s positioning as a global fund, with local teams spread across North America, Europe, and Asia an appealing opportunity for partnership, both for the team at Zeitgeist and the founders they’re looking to support.

The White Star Capital team prides itself on our ability to support local founders with early-stage advice but also connect them to a global network when thinking about expansion or business development. And Jakob is joining us at an exciting time.

Our European portfolio is growing, and we now have a particularly strong presence in Germany with companies such as FINN, TIER, and Clark. Having built an ​extensive network in Germany, Jakob’s main focus will be activating his connections for White Star Capital’s founders, while connecting our team with new founders in the ecosystem, and helping our portfolio companies that are looking to enter the German market.


Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Jakob as the latest member of our extended Venture Partner team. We look forward to the contributions and insights he will bring and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead in the German market.

Stay tuned for more updates on White Star Capital’s activity in Germany as we continue to build our team and expand our portfolio.



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