White Star Capital’s 2023 ESG Report

White Star Capital
2 min readOct 10, 2023

White Star Capital’s last two ESG reports were dedicated to our portfolio companies and the widespread diversity of their sustainability-related initiatives.

This year, we wanted to offer a deep dive into our own organisation, highlighting the procedures and people that are enabling White Star Capital to deliver positive change.

In this report, we share our positioning as catalysts within our ecosystem, and how this leads to the creation of value for our limited partners, portfolio companies, employees, and external stakeholders alike.

Our Growth Platform as a force for positive change

Our positioning as an active investor stems from our Growth Platform, which we define as the strategic and operational support provided to portfolio companies.

The specialised support that White Star Capital offers spans the key areas of global expansion, operational excellence, business and financial developments, communications & branding, and nurturing exceptional talent. Our worldwide support framework, spread across seven countries, powers White Star Capital’s unique value proposition.

This active operational support enhances financial outcomes and also fosters long-term sustainable growth benefiting both our portfolio companies and the wider societies they belong to. Emphasizing transparent and ethical governance, White Star Capital’s Growth Platform underscores ESG priorities on a continuous basis.

Turning the spotlight on our team

This year’s report also highlights key team members such as Cristina Ventura, our Chief Catalyst Officer, and Usamah Khan, VP of Data and Technology, who lead initiatives such as the implementation of our ESG policies, ESG reporting procedures, ESG data management, and their involvement in mentoring sessions, among others.

We also go into detail on two other key areas of focus: our efforts to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) both within and outside White Star Capital, as well as our recent HR initiatives. This open approach, we believe, aligns our ethical values with our investment model; however, it refrains from rigid, predetermined targets in favour of a meritocratic methodology.

Taking pride in the efforts of our portfolio

Finally, because we always take great pride in their progress and responsibility, we have included the latest news from five of our portfolio companies to conclude the report. This includes updates from Butternut Box, 900.care, Novisto, Flash Coffee, and Sleek.



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